Every school & library program through Funco Productions promotes reading and library use. Studies show that children who read for pleasure score higher on tests as a group when compared to those who don’t read for pleasure. Mick Corley uses the general title for his programs of “Imagination Station”. The theme title is added to this.

“Ships Ahoy: Read!”  
Come on aboard with Mick and Perriwinkle for a reading adventure based on the Texas library reading theme of “Sail Away with Books”. In this program, children use their imagination to travel into the world of ships, pirates and other lands fueled by the books they read. Music, magic, puppets and stories help them on their journey to show them the knowledge from reading books will take them on an adventure around the world without even having to leave home.

Imagination Station: Where the Wild Things Go

Students travel into the world of scientific discovery in this exciting, fun-filled program about ecology, nature and recycling.  Music, magic, stories, Merkle the Monkey puppet and books help the kids on their journey from their own backyards to the rainforests and jungles of the world.  Children will learn in a fun and exciting way the relationships between animals, plant and insects, and the importance of keeping the earth a healthy place to live.


Imagination Station: The Texas Reading Roundup

Texas history comes alive in this fast paced fun filled program as Mick takes the kids on a trip through time, from the Alamo to Texas statehood to and into the era of the Texas Cowboy. Using music, magic, puppets and stories Mick entertains while educating as the kids learn about biographies, tall tales, state symbols, and more through books and reading.

Imagination Station: Reading Expressway to the World

Join Mick Corley on an exciting adventure as he guides the kids on a trip around the world using imagination, books, magic, mime and his puppet sidekicks. Kids learn about geography, maps, transportation and much more as they find they don't even need to leave home as they find the world comes to them in the world of books.


The Mad Scientist

Mad scientist Doctor Micken Stein creates not-so scary fun and excitement as kids see his head grow and shrink, his brother Frankie Stein loses his head and Dracula's Coffin creates havoc as Super Pumpkin comes to the rescue. This is just some of the fun and magic in this exciting haloweenish extravaganza. Beware Mortals, if the age of the kids allows it someone may end up as an experiment in a veg-o-matic -- Ba Hah Hah Hah Hah. All fun and laughs.